Providing a retail environment which is desirable, stylish and that can stand the test of time is key to creating a successful business. In today’s competitive market you can’t solely rely on a premium coffee; it is the authentic character of the brand which is key. Authenticity lies in the passion to invest in every step of the way; to provide the highest quality possible in relation to both physical and intangible elements. Authenticity deepens a concept’s strength and credibility while creating a unique and personal experience.


It is with this in ethos that More Than Just Coffee are pleased to announce that we are the UK Brand Ambassadors for Vascobelo – Belgium’s finest coffee. We will work with you to integrate not just great tasting Vascobelo coffee into your daily life, but the brand itself.

AuthenticThere are a few ways in which we can do this:

  • The V-Bar franchise
  • Vascobelo brand extension
  • The V-Go: a pop up coffee station, cart or van
We work with a variety of clients where we implement the V Bar concept into their retail space in different ways to suit their needs. Have a look below and explore the V Bar….

Face2 Driss and Georgie


Vascobelo logo
paper cup

Vascobelo logo

Paper cups

giant cup

Vascobelo promo video

cofee cup

Espresso cup

cofee cup

Decaf pods

brew bar station

Business cards

cofee cup

POS setup

brew bar station



Interior attributes